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  • A.R.T. Consulting
    A.R.T. consulting (IVF lab) is a business dedicated to the Assisted Reproductive Technologies. The A.R.T. Team is committed to providing their patients with excellent service.
  • Advent Medical Services (AMS)
    Advent Medical Services (AMS) is a leading medical service provider based in India with accomplished and distinguished physicians and surgeons with vast experience in medical field.
  • Amrita Institure of Medical Sciences and Research Centre
    AIMS is a super-speciality hospital with a mission to provide the highest quality care and service for all people in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illness.
  • Andhra Pradesh
    This directory of doctors from Andhra Pradesh is the only web site wholly owned, maintained and offered by doctors to doctors in Swarnandhra.
  • Apollo Hospitals
    Apollo Hospitals Group, the largest private healthcare network outside the United States now adds to the Pride of Gujarat with ‘Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad'.
  • (ALC)
    The website, created with a single minded focus of bettering the life of every individual, aims at building communities in need of healthcare information, products and services and addressing them through a unique model combining both online and offline resources of the Apollo hospitals Groups' expertise in healthcare delivery.
  • Ashirwad Hospital
    Ashirwad Hospital was established in the year 1995 with the idea of creating a Cosmetic Surgical facility in an area out of town, far from its hub and pollution, yet within straight and easy reach of the people. The hospital is a well managed one with excellent nursing care, and, in fact, it’s a home away from home.
  • Belle Vue Clinic
    Calcutta's premier medical care institution, Belle Vue Clinic, which has established a name for excellence, is a dream come true for its founders.
  • Bharath Hospital
    Bharath Hospital, a division of Bharath Medical Group is administered by Bharath charitable Hospital Society.
  • C.S.R Memorial Hospital
    Sri C.S.Ramachary, the illustrious chairman of Sitalakshmi group of Mills thought of bringing up a hospital with all facilities in Madurai.
  • Centre for Interventional Pulmonology
    AKJ Chest Clinic is a Centre for Interventional Pulmonology. It was established Twenty years back with intention of providing a state –of- the art investigative tools in the field of Chest Medicine. This perhaps is the only center, which provides such investigations under one roof.
  • Choithram Hospital & Research Centre
    Choithram Hospital & Research Centre is not only a hospital to treat disease but a complete institution for care of whole Society.
  • Cosmetic Surgery Centre
    Through cosmetic surgery, people are changing their lives every day. They are growing. They are having special procedures done in ways never before dreamed possible.
  • Diabetes Forum
    Diabetes is a collection of disorders which result from either lack of insulin (a hormone secreted by the pancreas) or factors which interfere with the actions of this hormone.
  • Diabetes India
    Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India is the largest professional organization of diabetes experts, health care providers and researchers in India.
  • Directory Hospitals
    The site is an online directory of hospital and health care center indexed on the web along with related establishments like diagnostic centers, pharmacies, blood banks, eye banks and other for user reference.
  • Dr Gopal Pillai hospital.
    Dr Gopala Pillai, Our Founder was a Pioneer in Healthcare in Kanyakumari district who understood the medical needs of the populace. Dr.Gopala Pillai was born in a small village called Manavalakuruchi, and went on to graduate in medicine from the Madras Medical college in the year 1920.
  • Dr. Jilla Hospital
    This website deals about Dr. Percy Jilla and Dr. Manju Jilla Centre devoted for Reproductive Health Care of women.
  • Emmanuel Hospital Association
    Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) was founded in 1970 as an indigenous Christian health and development agency serving the people of North India.
  • Ernakulam Medical Centre
    Ernakulam Medical Centre started serving the community on 24th of January 1985. The hospital was the result of the vision and hardwork.
  • G. Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital
    On 29th of October 1948, the G. Kuppuswamy Naidu Charity Trust for Educational and Medical Relief was registered. In 1950, "Bhoomi Pooja" was performed by Bheema Naidu for the construction of the Hospital. By May 1952, a fifty-bedded Hospital had come into existence.
  • Hashmi Dawakhana
    According to Hakeem Hashmi, a prominent, Unani physician and researcher that 'Unani' stand apart from other alternative medical systems, because of its enlargement, way of approach and the well-developed treatment methods.
  • Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust
    The Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust (HIHT) is a nonprofit organisation committed to the premise that all human beings have the right to health, education, and economic self - sufficiency.
    Designed to be a catalyst to promote the job prospects of the physically handicapped, our site is totally dedicated to this segment of employees
  • Immune
    Immune is an Organization of team efforts of nationally and internationally reputed and qualified doctors, pharmacists, chemists,marketing and management experts for the effective and quality presentation of the herbs.
  • Indus Hospital
    The word INDUS is an acronym for India and the U.S.A. Indus Hospital is a 90 bed self-supporting, no-profit no-loss unit, which was conceived as a project of philanthropy.
  • Institute of Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine
    IASM - Institute of Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine, a brainchild of Dr Sanjay Marwah, an Orthopaedic Surgeon from Nagpur, India, is an institute dedicated towards the goal of converting an average but willing sports person into a superbly fit, physically and psychologically, athlete raring to give his/her peak performance.
  • Institute of cardiovascular Diseases
    - provides the latest medical facilities in the fields of cardiology and cardiac surgery.
  • International Medical Tourism
    All your Cosmetic, Reconstructive and General Surgery needs available at the Best Prices
  • Jawahar Children and General Hospital
    This is the website of JCGH - Jawahar Children and General Hospital. This well established hospital is located in a beautiful city of Punjab named Kapurthala.
  • Jehangir Hospital
    The hospital was named Jehangir Nursing Home after Sir Cowasji Jehangir's son Jehangir who died in an accident in 1944.
  • Jnana Probodhini Medical Trust
    Jnana Prabodhini was established in 1962 to motivate students for social leadership Besides the renowned school, Jnana Prabodhini also works in the fields of Health, Research, Training, Rural Development and Women Empowerment.
  • Jospeh Eye Hospital
    Based in Tiruchirapalli, JEH is a 450 bedded teritary care teaching institution recognized by MCI and MGR Medical University.
  • Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences
    This has initiated a long journey to set new standards in the field of health care in this part of the country.
  • Kiran Infertility Centre
    KIC is to provide the latest updated technology and expertise, with the help of world class equipment and personalized care for the alleviation of the suffering of infertile couples.
  • Kovai Medical Center and Hospital
    Kovai Medical Center and Hospital is a 50 crore, 350 bed multi-disciplinary super-speciality corporate hospital located on the Avanashi Road in the Coimbatore-Chennai highway.
  • Laksh-Deep Hospital & ICCU
    Laksh-Deep Hospital was established on the 16th of April 1989, to cater to the growing needs of the population of Vashi and other surrounding nodes of NaviMumbai.
  • M.V.Diabetes Specialities Centre
    The M.V.Diabetes Specialities Centre., was inaugurated on September 1, 1991 by Late Prof.M.Viswanathan, Director, Diabetes Research Centre. The concept of providing Total Diabetes Care under one roof has been welcomed by all sections of the society.
    Laser Cure-Laser Beauty clinics center for Research in Photo Medicine & Ayurveda.
  • Malabar Institute Of Medical Sciences Ltd.
    The main mission of the hospital is to Provide Comprehensive, Caring and Cost effective Medical treatment of Global standard, through a team of highly qualified and committed medical professionals with state-of-the-art medical equipments.
  • Marble City Hospital And Research Centre
    Marble City Hospital And Research Centre is probably the first of its kind in the region offering under one roof a variety of Medical care services ranging from routine surgical, orthopaedics,Gynae,Medicine, Paediatric, Dental, Opthalmology, E.N.T., Dermatology to super specialities like Cardiothoracic and vascular surgery,Neuro Surgery and Plastic.
  • Medical Assistance
    Medical assistance in St.Petersburg, which offers and provides the services of top western-style medical clinics in St.Petersburg to patients from all over the world.
  • Medical Trust Hospital
    At Medical Trust Hospital, we place the highest value to enrich the humanitarian sprit to heal. An acute care, general and speciality health centre.
  • Mediescapes India
    Mediescapes India offers world class medical and health treatments combined with leisure holiday packages in India.
  • Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre
    The Man Behind the Vision Dr.N.Sethuraman M.S., M.Ch., (Uro) MNAMS (Uro) FICS Recipient of Dr.B.C. Roy National Award was inspired at his young age by his teacher,Mr.Manickavasagam who sowed the seed to become a doctor not only to provide medical services but also to work for social upliftment of the poor and the needy.
  • Muktangan De-addiction Centre
    Muktangan De-addiction Center was established on 29th August, 1986. Our dream is creation of an addiction free society.
  • Nair Coal services Ltd.
    In dealing with today's highly competitive markets, we are striving to attain the distinctive competitive edge to ensure maximum satisfaction to all our valued clients and patrons.
  • Nandlal Mulji Bhuta Medical Foundation
    Since 1st July 1944 the main donor of this well equipped general Hospital, Nandlal Mulji Bhuta Parivar had run a dispensary in Sihor for poor and needy patients.
  • National Institute For the Orthopaedically Handicapped
    The National Institute For the Orthopaedically Handicapped, an apex institute in the Country, was established in the year 1978 as an autonomous body under the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India.
  • Nisargopchar Kendra
    This is charitable hospital dedicated since 1959 based in Dhule, Maharashtra. In this centre diseases are treated and the immune system is strengthened by regularizing metabolism and excretion of waste metabolic products with the help of cold therapy, hot therapy and enema and by change in diet. Scientific logic behind the cold therapy (hipbath etc.) and hot therapy (steam etc.) is given. Offers treatment for various diseases.
  • Orange City Hospital and Research Institute
    Hi-tech equipment with back up of round the clock doctors, qualified work force and proficient consultants are the hallmark of OCHRI. The goodwill of the hospital can be gauged by the fact that critically ill patients not only from Nagpur but all over Central India are being referred to OCHRI.
  • Pareek Hospital & Research Centre
    Pareek Hospital is a unique centre where students and medical doctors are taught the Homoeopathic intricacies of management, at patients bed side.
  • Physial
    This website is dedicated to the awareness and advancement of Physical Therapy.It has been designed to provide practical and usable information for both the general public and the professional Physical Therapy community.
  • Porbandar Hospitals
    This website provides information about the hospitals that are situated in Porbandar.
  • Prasad
    Prasad is sponsoring a team of volunteer doctors from Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York that provides medical care to tsunami refugees living in temporary camps in and around Thirukkovil, located in Northeast Sri Lanka.
  • Rajasthan Mobile Surgical Unit
    Necessity is the mother of invention and enthusiastic and devoted hard labour is the energy, which moves any plan of progress. A good example of this is the creation of MOBILE SURGICAL UNIT of Rajasthan.
  • Rasiklal Gandhi Medical Foundation
    Service to the humanity is infectious and self less service always influences people to support the cause. A few years back a public felicitation was organised in my honour and many people came forward impromptu to volunteer funds for my activity. The fund gathered was substantial and was thought appropriate to institutionalise the workings of the clinic. Thus Dr. Rasiklal Gandhi Medical Foundation was established.
    Established in 1959 by Dr. K B Grant, Ruby Hall Clinic started modestly but has now grown to a mammoth facility with over 550 beds. Since it’s commissioning in 1959, it has established itself as one of India’s most advanced hospitals comparable to the best in the world. All modern facilities and state of the art medical equipment are available .
  • Sameer Dikshit's Maternity and Gyn Hospital
    - Boisar Maharashtra.
  • Samveda Training & Research Centre
    Learning Disability (LD) in persons signifies specific problems related to Language (Dyslexia), Writing (Dysgraphia) and Mathematics (Dyscalculia) affecting Learning - reading and writing, speaking and listening.
  • Santhosh Hospital
    Santhosh hospital - the largest centre for Piles and Proctology anywhere in India & abroad - specialised in the treatment of Piles for the last 27 years.
  • Shreenandan Hospital
    Shreenandan Hospital is a Centre for Microsurgery and Advanced Reproductive Technology.
  • Smt. Paarvati Devi Hospital
    Smt. Paarvati Devi Hospital is a 40 bed multi-specialty hospital. The hospital provides wide range of highly specialized medical, surgical and diagnostic services with the latest medical technology available.
  • Stammering
    Stammering is an obstacle that affects the verbal communication abilities of a significant proportion of the population within their community.
  • Sterling Hospital
    Sterling– a union of purpose of Paras Pharma – an architect of ‘Moov’ and dream of Doctors acceding Hippocratic oath. It is taking shape with “service to the community” as axis, Cardiology as centre, different departments from Diabetology to Urology as diameter, and circumference is invisible as yet being drawn and may be infinite.
  • Sundrani Charitable Eye Hospital
    Ours is a Non Government Non Profit Organisation registered under the Societies Act since 1977 & under Foreign Currency Regulation Act.
  • Swagat Endolaparoscopic Surgical Research Institute
    Swagat Endolaparoscopic Surgical Research Institute is the first superspeciality surgical centre of the North East truly dedicated to the art and science of Endoscopic Surgery.
  • Thakur Hari Prasad Institute
    Thakur Hari Prasad Institute of Research and Rehabilitationfor the Mentally Handicapped is a non-governmental organization with a value-based vision, established under the he patronage of Andhra Pradesh State Council for Child Welfare.
  • The India Hospital
    A superspecial multi specialty hospital in Thiruvananthapuram, The India Hospital has the best expertise and infrastructure for Nephrology. Also facilitate authentic Ayurvedic treatment.
  • Thrani
    Thrani as a Center for Crisis Control is one of the premier health centers and research institute.
  • Unani Remedies
    'Unani' means medicines which are a symbol of life. 'Tibb' means the knowledge of the states of the human body in health.
  • Vadamalayan Hospital
    Dr.P.Vadamalayan a Doyen among Medical Professionals started this hospital in the year 1957- To be the first hospital in the private sector in the entire south Tamil Nadu
  • Vijaya Fertility IVF & Endoscopic Centre
    The Vijaya Fertility IVf and Endoscopy centre, founded by Dr.N.P.Vijayalakshmy, MD, DGO; has the distinction of achieving the first test tube baby of Kerala state, in May 1997. This centre is among the first few centres in India to successfully setup and achieve pregnancies using the ICSI technique.
    Visakhapatnam has the best Hospitals that offer Emergency Health Care services. Almost all top-notch hospitals have Resident Doctors whose services can be availed at any time of the day.
  • VM Plastic Surgery Center
    They restore, repair or conceal those parts of the face which nature has given but fortune has taken away.
  • World Medics
    All kinds of Emergency & routine surgical problems in neonates and other children, including management of trauma.

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